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Multiple Safety Features

Mecpow Laser cutter ensures a safe working environment with a flame sensor, gyroscope sensor, and emergency stop. It alerts and stops operation when detecting fire, smoke, or tilting beyond ∠50°. Additionally, the secure key lock prevents unauthorized access.

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Mecpow X3 Pro

Elevate your creations with the perfect blend of safety and precision.

High precise laser cutting

With 10W laser module, significantly boosting speed and cutting capacity. It effectively clears debris and smoke, ensuring a clean workspace and exceptional engraving quality.

Laser engraver enclosure

The enclosure can withstand temperatures up to 1832°F (1000°C). It acts as a secure fortress, ensuring zero fire hazards and providing ultimate peace of mind.

Intelligent air assist

The air assist ensures smooth and even laser engraving. What's more, with flame sensor, gyroscope sensor, and emergency stop to ensure a safe working environment.

Honeycomb laser bed

The honeycomb laser bed can ensure smooth edge cutting. It can clear clear measurement marks for precise placement.




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