X5 22W Laser Engraving Machine with Auto Air Pump

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X5 Laser Engraver Specification


Brand: Mecpow
Type: Laser Engraving Machine
Model: X5
Color: Black

Know About Mecpow X5 Laser Engraver

Triple the Cutting Power

Thanks to its 22W high-power laser head, this powerful laser engraving machine effortlessly achieves single-pass cuts on various thick materials like 10mm thick wood boards, 8mm black acrylic sheets, or even 0.08mm stainless steel sheets—an exceptional cutting capability that exceeds that of standard 5W competitors by at least three times.

Master of Engraving

Emitting a laser spot as small as 0.08*0.1mm at an astonishing speed of 28000mm/min, it brings your extraordinary creativity to life with a faster and finer engraving experience, ensuring every intricate line is finely etched on an engraving area 50% larger than typical models.

Enhanced with Auto Air Assist

It includes a helpful auto air pump controlled via software settings for automatic activation and deactivation during engraving. With a powerful airflow of up to 25 liters per minute, it effectively disperses high-temperature smoke and clears debris produced to ensure the pristine quality of your work and enhance engraving accuracy by preventing yellowing or blemishes on every line.

Effortless Focus Adjustment

Say goodbye to the hassle of repeated adjustments using outdated focusing methods. Now, it enables easy and quick focusing with a simple pull-down of the focus adjustment bar on the laser head. The bar also provides a fixed focal length for ultra-precise focusing, especially convenient for newcomers to laser engraving.

Multiple Protection Systems

The X5 laser engraver boasts multiple protection systems: a flame sensor detects any fire risks during engraving, triggering alerts and machine shutdowns. An emergency stop button halts operations instantly during emergencies. A tilt alarm rings if the machine is raised beyond a safe angle. A security lock prevents accidental operation by curious children, while the laser head includes eye-protective shielding.

Compatible Software

Seamlessly work with MKSLaser, LaserGRBL, and LightBurn—three mainstream laser engraving software—allowing easy operation on smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The Mecpow X5 laser engraving machine offers a wealth of creative possibilities via fine engraving and cutting for personalized jewelry, home decor, personal items, and more exquisite accessories and crafts.

Offline Engraving and Cutting

Revolutionize your engraving experience! The Mecpow X5 supports offline operations—simply insert a TF card and manage the machine via smartphone WiFi connectivity using the MKSLaser app. Set your creativity free from the limitations of bulky computers.