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Guide of Return A Product

Mecpow stands behind the quality of every product sold and delivered by our team, hoping that each and every customer expectation is met and exceeded. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase experience within 14 days, we are happy to help with a replacement or refund (This valid purchase is only available for the Mecpow website).

Orders can be returned within 14 days upon receiving (subject to the last update of the logistics time). Before starting the return process, you should fill out and send a return form to, preferably with a photo or video of where the product was damaged. Mecpow will process your request within 3 business day. After approval by Mecpow, products can be returned as long as they are in their original packaging and accompanied by all accessories and manuals. The customer is responsible for good packaging. After Mecpow agrees to your request for returning, please send back the product and provide the tracking number and tracking query link to Mecpow within 7 days. Otherwise, the request will be processed as expired.

For product purchased from

Bought but not yet shipped (cancellations):

The full price of the order will e released to your account within 14 workdays after we receive your refund request form.

Pre-orders and cancellations of pre-orders:

For all pre-orders, your debit or credit card will be paid immediately. There will be no delay in payment, regardless of when the product is expected to ship. After your payment, you can refer to the previous section for the refund process.

Product was delivered:

  1. Orders from the can be returned within 14 days upon receiving, you can request return & refund service without providing any reason and you shall be responsible for the return shipping fee;
  2. Orders from the can be returned within 14 days upon receiving, if the product has a manufacturing defect or damaged during transport, you can contact the Mecpow customer service team at to request a return & refund service. Mecpow will be responsible for the return shipping fee. Within 14 workdays after receiving the return package, the original purchase price will be refunded to your account.

Used articles:

We do not offer a return of used items, except in the EXTREME cases of breakage/ malfunction.

For product purchased not from

Please refer to the return & refund policy of the platform or buying store. For more details, you can contact the seller to confirm specific terms and conditions.

*Please note: This website only accepts the true purchase from This means if you got one product from other sales like Amazon, Aliexpress, or Geekbuying, Geekmaxi, etc. You should ask for a return from them, not from

Return Notes:

  1. When applying for return, please provide valid proof of purchase, such as order number, receipt, invoice, etc.
  2. The returned product should be intact and packed in the original packaging in the same condition complete with all the attached accessories, manuals and complimentary items. And all the labels and logos of the returned items show no signs of tampering or alteration.
  3. Unauthorized return or cash on delivery without the seller’s consent will be rejected.
  4. The return policy works only for purchases direct from the Mecpow website.

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